The Evolution of Consumerism in Healthcare

Wednesday Hot Topic Session 2 – The Curious Case of Healthcare Consumers

At a time when engaging the healthcare consumer has never been more important and incentivized, healthcare organizations are increasingly failing to meet the rising expectations of those they serve.

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Three years ago, consumerism in healthcare was just a concept, not a strategic priority for organizations. The evolution of consumerism has pushed value center stage and the methods used to derive value on mainstream consumer purchases have found their way into the healthcare decision journey. In fact, healthcare executives predict that by 2021, consumers will choose hospitals to receive care based on patient experience ratings.

Consumers have begun “shopping” for healthcare services, using price and patient satisfaction reviews as criteria to select providers. This has created the need for organizations to shift the focus of their technology platforms from internal reporting tools to digital front doors, where consumers can enter and access the information they desire.

But, offering access alone isn’t enough to compete in today’s marketplace for patients’ business. The new engagement model required to win and sustain customers means moving from transaction-based relationships to experience-based relationships.

To become consumer driven enterprises, healthcare organizations will need to invest in resources such as market research, CRM management tools and omni-channel marketing techniques to strategically build their business. Focus areas to strengthen relationships with patients will include elevated levels of customer service support methods to increase satisfaction related to patients’ financial experience.

A healthcare provider’s ability to effectively make the transition from transactions to transparency and engagement will profoundly influence healthcare consumers’ satisfaction with that organization.

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