“Excellence Together” Teams Create A Winning Culture of Personalized Service

Stoughton Hospital, a small 35-bed hospital, differentiated itself from its larger competitors by establishing empowered teams to focus on specific aspects of personalized care. The results they attained are an undeniable testament to the benefits that can be achieved by increased patient, employee and physician engagement:

  • Patient satisfaction scores in the 80th percentile to the 90th percentile
  • Employee engagement from the 75th to the 95th percentile
  • Physician engagement reaching the 98-99th percentile

Seven individual teams at Stoughton, each with different purpose, created the equivalent of seven centers-of-excellence, all of which elevated performance in their assigned areas. Some examples of their successes included outscoring state and national HCAPS averages, reducing staff turnover to 10 percent or less and improvements in wellness screening scores by 82 percent of the employee participants.

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Excellence Standards of Performance

The Standards Team facilitated a cultural transformation supporting their mission to provide safe, quality healthcare with exceptional personalized service. By embracing these excellence standards, virtually every employee in the organization became a Chief Experience Officer.


Our attitude is the first impression our customers have of us as an organization. We won’t always be able to control our environment or the actions of others, but we can always control our own attitudes.


We take responsibility to and hold ourselves accountable for our actions and words.


Our appearance, both inside and out, is a reflection of our care to our customers.


We believe that effective communication is the key to providing outstanding and safe care.


Each employee contributes his/her value in a team approach that ensures the success of our organization.


We strive for quality in everything we set out to achieve, the services we provide and the people who make up the team.

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