Leader to Leaders: Time to Get Operational on Population Health

Jon Burroughs, MD, FACHE, could be called soothsayer of population health. Five years ago, Dr. Burroughs, president and CEO of The Burroughs Healthcare Consulting Network, was predicting that population health would be “the next big thing.” The following year, he was writing on how to stage and integrate a population health program as healthcare organizations faced new need for alternative reimbursement methodologies under the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015.

Now, as population health grows ever-larger on the healthcare horizon, Dr. Burroughs offers a be-prepared blueprint for executive leaders. He devotes a chapter to “Operational Building Blocks and Success Factors for Population Health” in his recent book, Essential Operational Components for High-Performing Healthcare Enterprises, published by ACHE’s Health Administration Press, in 2018.

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Dr. Burroughs presents population health as a more rational application of healthcare resources. He recommends five key services that he forecasts would contribute to the well-being of specific populations, optimize healthcare outcomes, and minimize costs.

5 Operational Elements of Population Health

Palliative care for patients with life-threatening conditions

Disease management for patients with complex, chronic conditions

Post-acute care and ambulatory disease management following discharge for acute care services

Retail medicine for healthy individuals with minor, acute, episodic problems

Ongoing access to e-health platforms and customized healthcare management systems and solutions for the healthy majority

Naturally, the big step is transforming current healthcare delivery to match this population health stratification. In cooperation with ACHE, count on Jon Burroughs, MD, FACHE, for continued prescient and practical guidance.

Get a sneak peek at Dr. Burroughs’ proposed solutions for addressing current healthcare challenges, along with a reassuring perspective on how healthcare had evolved to meet past issues and needs. Read Chapter 1, “A Healthcare Vision for the Next-Level Healthcare Enterprise,” of Essential Operational Components for High-Performing Healthcare Enterprises here. Want to know more about Burroughs’ book? Find an overview in the Introduction section.

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