On the Digital Road to Population Health

As a healthcare executive, you know that technology and data are key allies in fighting disease and in making the process of care more effective.

IBM Watson Health is a vital leader in empowering data and technology to advance healthcare improvement. As healthcare delivery moves toward population health management, IBM Watson Health is helping to pave the way.

One example is A Roadmap for Population Health Management. This practical guide is sponsored by IBM Watson Health and produced by IHT2 Institute for Health Technology Transformation and Healthcare Informatics. If you’re a healthcare leader steering toward PHM, consider these crucial drivers of success from Roadmap. Each can help ensure your organization goes the distance.

  • Understanding the importance of “patient-centered medical homes” as a holistic approach to primary care that improves care coordination
  • Managing care differences, with priority to high-risk patients, while ensuring that other populations, especially patients that are “rising risk” and may become high risk, receive the necessary attention
  • Applying analytic and automation tools to build a PHM infrastructure based on reliable data and efficiency
  • Addressing physician culture to advance more team-based care, with closer collaboration between primary care physicians and specialists
  • Getting all providers onboard, from hospitals and post-acute care facilities to behavioral specialists and social workers, to coordinate better care
  • Choosing the optimal time to launch PHM for a health system’s financial well-being

This Roadmap also profiles healthcare organizations that are on the PHM journey, offering assurance that the road’s already been traveled and is trustworthy.

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