Five Tips for Enhancing Communication With Your Team

We’ve all experienced a lack of communication to some degree. Whether it is a misunderstanding with a spouse, an unexpected conflict with a stranger or misdirection from a senior staff member, a lack of communication leads to poor outcomes.

Additionally, unclear communication can lead to an overall resistance to change, as well as negatively impact patient safety. In today’s changing healthcare environment, effective, open and concise top-down communication is essential. Here’s five ways you can begin improving your leadership communication now:

  1. Communicate Often and Openly To Build Trust
    Frequently sharing what you know with your team and employees helps them make informed, productive decisions. This in turn builds confidence and trust, which won’t likely waver should what you’ve previously shared change.
  1. Make Schedules Known
    Prioritization of work flow is easier when your team knows how to best support you. Knowing your schedule, and you knowing theirs, is key to managing current pressures and deadlines.
  1. Provide Needed Information
    Regularly ask your team what they need from you, both in support and information, to help keep goals and projects on track.
  1. Set Up Quarterly Reviews – in Advance
    Avoid the unexpected surprises an annual review can bring. Conduct employee reviews quarterly and help team members grow through performance concerns. Quarterly reviews communicate you care about their progress.
  1. Face The Tough Issues
    Healthy organizations tackle the tough conversations. When conflicts and tough issues are ignored or avoided, employees may feel you don’t care. Instead of confrontation, use “carefrontation” to communicate that you value your employees. Listening will be key.

Source:  9 Ways To Enhance Top-Down Communication

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