Connected. Inspired. Empowered.

Connected. Inspired. Empowered. We’ve chosen these words to bring together dedicated healthcare leaders who are passionate about lifelong learning and improving health for the communities we serve. Join us March 23-26, 2020 in Chicago for the Congress on Healthcare Leadership—the largest annual gathering of healthcare executives.

Embodying this theme is Mick Ebeling, founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs, who will open Congress with the Parker B. Francis Distinguished Lecture. Ebeling seeks to solve what he calls absurdities—“an unmet need that cannot stand.” One such need was centered in Sudan, where many young people had lost limbs during the bloodiest war Africa has ever known. After reading and researching the issue, Ebeling knew that Not Impossible had the technology and resources to design smart, adaptable artificial limbs for the victims. He brought a team to a village in Sudan to see first-hand how the arms needed to operate. Several weeks later, they had not only built the limbs, but provided training and equipment for the residents of the village to design, 3D print and fit new limbs for other victims. Not Impossible Labs empowered those who had lost so much to rebuild their lives and forge a path ahead.

Listen to Mick’s podcast to hear more about Not Impossible Labs’ innovative approach–how they connect with their fellow human beings, are inspired to create solutions, and empower diverse people and communities across the globe.


All our featured faculty have unique stories and perspectives to share. Indu Subiya is president/co-founder of Catalyst @ Health 2.0, a digital health media company and global movement that has connected over 100,000+ entrepreneurs, developers and healthcare stakeholders.

In a recent interview, Indu spoke with the ACHE team about how technologies help a hospital or provider organization connect around the broader social determinants of health. “An EMR is only one part of data,” she said. “There’s health data on people’s phones, there’s data in your financial systems, in your claims, in your patient satisfaction surveys.”

Indu encourages leaders to undertake strategic planning that identifies priorities and matches technology to make a difference in those areas. “And if your health system faces that issue, I can promise you so do many others,” she says. “What are people doing about it? What are the best practices and how do we learn from each other too?”

Indu will discuss this and more tips to thrive in the changing healthcare ecosystem at the Arthur C. Bachmeyer Memorial Address and Luncheon.


Healthcare is full of inspiring stories, but engendering inspiration is a tougher task. To help us out, we’ve invited Wes Moore, CEO of Robin Hood as well as a veteran, Rhodes Scholar and award-winning author. If his resume isn’t inspiring enough, his company works to dismantle poverty in New York City.

His own moment of inspiration came when he discovered that another young man with his same name was born in the same year on the same street in his impoverished Baltimore neighborhood. While he was able to forge a path that resulted in a career full of honors and accomplishments, his counterpart is serving a life sentence.

What are the choices that impact lives? How might we as healthcare leaders inspire our patients and colleagues to make or facilitate better choices, to positively impact outcomes? Join Wes at the Leon I. Gintzig Commemorative Lecture and be inspired.


We’ve all heard the expression, “Knowledge is power.” Ronald Brownstein is a seasoned journalist who covers U.S. politics for The Atlantic, CNN and National Journal. He’ll provide insight into the politics of healthcare, focusing on how you as a healthcare leader can be empowered to make smart decisions in this ever-changing landscape.

It’s our responsibility as providers to be prepared for what comes next, whether it’s something as daunting as an overhaul of Medicare or seemingly bureaucratic as quality reporting. Learn what issues could affect your patients and employees, as Ronald delivers the Malcolm T. MacEachern Memorial Lecture.

Looking for insight before Congress? Join our webinar, “Healthcare in a Divided Government,” Dec. 4, 2019 at 11 a.m. Central time. 

These four powerful speakers highlight the wide range of knowledge and insight you’ll gain at Congress 2020. With more than 360 speakers including more CEOs than ever before, we look forward to seeing you in Chicago this March. Register today at

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