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Last Updated Oct. 14
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In a relatively short amount of time, the coronavirus pandemic has drastically altered healthcare on a global scale. While not all countries have been affected to the same degree, all had to develop their own strategies on how to combat and mitigate the impact of COVID-19. As the world continues to endure this pandemic, it’s imperative for healthcare professionals to collaborate with their peers in order to figure out a set of best practices to guide them through the present and prepare them for the future.

To fulfill this need for collaboration, the International Hospital Federation will be conducting its first-ever virtual forum, Learning from COVID-19, Transforming Health Services. This forum will take place Nov. 4–5, and it will provide healthcare professionals with the opportunity to discuss insights from the crisis, address key questions on strategies for the new normal and explore how health services are transforming for the future.

Developed for hospital and healthcare leaders, health service providers and professionals, and members of national and international healthcare organizations, this forum will cover numerous key topics related to COVID-19, including:

  • Role of leadership in times of crisis.
  • Maintaining quality when facing chaos.
  • Supply, logistics and infrastructure.
  • Adapting buildings and equipment for the future.
  • How hospitals should evolve from the perspective of patients and the community.

With the postponement of the 44th IHF World Hospital Congress in Barcelona to 2021, this forum will serve as a build-up event leading to the annual conference and provide attendees with an opportunity to interact with the international community. Additional features of this virtual forum include:

  • Insightful presentations and discussions from thought leaders, hospital decision-makers and health system actors.
  • Engaging plenary and concurrent sessions with a mix of live and pre-recorded presentations with live Q&A, polls and chat.
  • On-demand access to session recordings a few hours after the sessions.
  • Virtual round table discussions with fellow participants on various topics.
  • Opportunity to connect, network and chat with industry peers.

This forum will also acknowledge and honor the actions and responses of hospitals and health service providers around the world that went “beyond the call of duty” through the newly launched IHF COVID-19 Response Recognition Program. This recognition will be bestowed upon “hospitals and health service providers that proactively put in place outstanding and innovative organizational responses or actions in facing the COVID-19 pandemic in their region or country.”

An IHF special publication entitled “Beyond the Call of Duty for COVID-19” will also be produced to feature selected innovative, enlightening and impactful COVID-19 responses, and their authors will be offered the opportunity to present in an IHF webinar or podcast. The deadline for submissions is open until Oct. 5.

Head here for full details and to register for The International Hospital Federation’s Learning from COVID-19, Transforming Health Services virtual forum. For full details on the requirements and submission process for the IHF COVID-19 Response Recognition Program, click here.

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