Giving Tuesday: Sow a Seed for Future Leaders

It would be easy to define 2020 completely by its challenges and tragedies—undoubtedly, there have been many—but it’s important to also acknowledge all the moments of compassion, good will and generosity that have emerged this year.

There have been countless stories about the selfless acts of neighbors, strangers and, of course, healthcare workers, to remind us how powerful a helping hand can be when the going gets tough.

Today, during the worldwide “generosity movement” known as Giving Tuesday, ACHE invites those who can to give back during the holiday season. One way to do just that is to donate to the ACHE Fund for Healthcare Leadership.

The Fund was established in 2006 to bring innovation to the forefront of healthcare leadership and to strengthen the field through educational programs and scholarships. Since its inception, the Fund has provided scholarships to 242 leaders.

Trinette K. Pierre, DHA, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE, received a scholarship from the Fund to attend ACHE’s Executive Program in 2019, and called the assistance a “true blessing.”

“I was able to attend [the Executive Program] solely because of the generosity of those who wanted to pay it forward. Those who were immensely kind in providing this experience through the scholarship I received have changed my life and my career for the best,” said Pierre. “This has also prompted me to promise to do the same for those who will come after me. I want to bless others the way the scholarship donors for this powerful, life-changing experience blessed me.”

In addition to program scholarships, the Fund for Healthcare Leadership supports the Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program. This program helps make healthcare executives more reflective of the diversity within healthcare organizations and the patients served by preparing mid- and senior-level careerists from underrepresented groups for C-suite positions in hospitals, health systems and other healthcare organizations.

Kathy A. Bizarro-Thunberg, FACHE, chair of ACHE’s Voluntary Giving Committee, is one of more than 3,300 healthcare leaders who have given back to the healthcare community by donating to the Fund for Healthcare Leadership.

“I first learned of the Fund for Healthcare Leadership while serving as a Regent for my state many years ago,” said Bizarro-Thunberg. “Hearing that not all healthcare leaders could take advantage of opportunities to gain new knowledge, meet inspiring people or obtain important education credits to further their professional goals inspired me to contribute to the Fund for Healthcare Leadership. Everyone deserves the chance to excel and succeed.”

Pierre and Bizarro-Thunberg join the many people determined to help others this year. In fact, a recent report from the Fundraising Effectiveness Project found charitable giving in the first six months of 2020 increased by nearly 7.5% year-over-year. The analysis also found that the total number of donors increased 7.2 percent compared with the same period last year.

The need for charitable giving is on the rise as well. Between February and April 2020, nearly 1.5 million healthcare jobs were lost, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Around 300,000 health services jobs were recovered in May 2020, mainly in dental offices, but employment in some healthcare settings continued to decrease.

On Giving Tuesday, ACHE encourages our members and all healthcare leaders to consider the wisdom of Ghanaian author and founder of the Smart Youth Volunteers Foundation, Lailah Gifty Akita: “Giving is an act of generosity. Giving is sowing a seed. The seed will produce great harvest of fruits.”

A contribution to the ACHE Fund for Healthcare Leadership sows a seed, a seed that can help cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. Donate here for Giving Tuesday. 

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