Feedback–Part of Every Effective Leader’s Success Journey

Effective leaders know that success is about more than career moves and promotions. True leaders embrace ongoing learning, progress reports and continuous feedback loops as integral to professional growth and success.

In this Fast Company article on receiving feedback, author and leadership coach Lisa Rogoff states, “…while goals and growth plans are great, sometimes the best ideas for change come from an awareness outside of ourselves…there is often a gap between who we desire [to be] and think we are presenting to the world, and the way others see us.”

It’s not always easy to receive feedback, especially when the process lacks structure for giving and receiving feedback, or specific steps to achieve a desired result. Feedback is of no use to a leader if it is not actionable.

The ACHE Career Resources Center has several assessments available to help healthcare leaders structure a cohesive plan for obtaining useful feedback. Some are self-guided tools implemented online, and others are in-person workshops offered at cluster events throughout the U.S. during the year. Additionally, there are several assessment options available at the ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership, coming up on March 4-7, 2019.

Five Leadership Assessments to help you shape your development plan:

  1. Emotional Intelligence Assessment – Use the results to build stronger relationships, enhance self-awareness and achieve greater work-life balance.
  2. The Benchmarks® Assessment – Learn how to use this developmental 360-degree assessment between you, your colleagues and your supervisor for feedback on 16 key competencies and your leadership potential.
  3. Change Management Leadership Assessment – Collect feedback on seven key change management competencies to identify your top 10 strengths and development needs.
  4. Power/Influence Assessment – Determine your preferences for using six distinct bases of power and how this influences your power to effectively lead.
  5. Conflict Management Assessment – Manage conflict more effectively by understanding how you handle conflict, which conflict modes you employ too often and which modes you need to use more.

Want to learn more about enhancing your healthcare leadership? Visit our Career Resources Center and discover all the tools available to help ACHE Members take their careers to the next level.

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