Why does Consumerism Feel Like a Foreign Language?

It is no longer an option to avoid consumerism in healthcare. Many health systems are investing in market research, CRM and reputation management tools, and omni-channel marketing techniques to strategically build their business around the needs of consumers. And, it isn’t just the various patient experience surveys that are used to measure success; we now must keep up with consumer star ratings to rank highest in online search, as well as social media postings and comments.

Consumers today are making choices based on how their healthcare purchase made their life easier (or more difficult) and how well they were treated (or mistreated). For healthcare executives and providers to understand consumers and react to their needs, they need to learn to speak their language.

Healthcare leaders must integrate an understanding of the consumer-to-patient journey into their culture. From a Google search to post-op care, the patient experience needs to be a good one. Jake Poore, Integrated Loyalty Systems, president and chief experience officer, as well as an ACHE faculty member, states “by involving every team member, across all lines of the patient experience, and making them the architects responsible for developing a new organizational culture, they’ve not only created it, they own it. This authorship and ownership leads to mutual accountability, which means your team will police it every day at all levels … even when you’re not around.”

To help organizations focus specifically on the needs of their organizational culture, ACHE is introducing Choice, a new service that tailors professional development programs, seminars and assessments to meet an organization’s learning needs or close competency gaps. For topics like consumerism or patient experience, ACHE program specialists help assess needs, build a program scope and provide resources to promote the event. Similar to an ACHE cluster or a face-to-face event, Choice programs can include:

  • Expert faculty
  • Customized formats (seminars, workshops and assessments)
  • Education credits (ACHE Face-to-Face Education and Continuing Medical Education credits)

Culture change is one of the most challenging undertakings for any healthcare organization. Choice offers one more option to achieve change and better serve our communities.

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