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We are so grateful for our community of healthcare leaders and for your commitment to lifelong learning. That is why ACHE is participating once again in #GivingTuesday, a worldwide “generosity movement” that encourages giving back during the holiday season. Mark your calendar to donate to the ACHE Fund for Healthcare Leadership on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

Like many nonprofits, membership dues and event registration fees are invested in the education, networking and career services that you value as a member. Your donation to the Fund for Healthcare Leadership goes above and beyond to help your peers participate, learn and share their own perspective and experience.

Advancing your organizational mission while staying informed of the latest issues facing the healthcare field is a delicate balancing act. With a little assistance from the Fund for Healthcare Leadership, the following healthcare leaders are learning to do just that.

Mary Miller is CFO of Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, a small children’s specialty center in northwest Baltimore. The organization is actively investing in facility improvement and new technologies that can better serve some of our most vulnerable patients. They typically reserve training and education funds for clinical providers.

In 2019, Miller received a scholarship from the Fund for Healthcare Leadership to attend the Senior Executive Program. Designed exclusively for healthcare executives, ACHE’s Senior Executive and Executive Programs combine intensive, in-person sessions with resources, discussions, assessments and experiential site visits that deliver insights on the unique challenges of specific career stages.

“The three sessions allowed me to meet some great people who are doing meaningful things in their communities,” said Miller. “I heard thought-provoking speakers and visited some truly eye-opening places. I will carry these experiences back with me to benefit my own hospital, and our patients and families.”

Our members face a range of career transitions, whether striving for the C-Suite or transitioning from clinical to administrative leadership. The knowledge and connections forged through executive education can fuel healthcare leaders through these pivotal phases.

Master Sergeant Andrew Harding is preparing to retire from the U.S. Army after 24 years of service. Like Miller, MSG Harding received a scholarship for the 2019 Executive Program, supported by the Fund for Healthcare Leadership.

“I have no doubts the program will have a direct impact on my ability to secure employment post-military. Without the scholarship, I could not have attended this amazing program,” said Harding. “Once I am settled, I pledge to donate my first month’s pay to the Fund for Healthcare Leadership. Hopefully it will go towards allowing someone else in a situation similar to mine to attend one of ACHE’s phenomenal programs.”

We’re proud to represent leaders dedicated to improving health, a goal that sometimes requires looking at your role and organization through a different lens. That was the goal for Michael Crittenden, the chief of staff for the VA St. Louis Health Care System, when he attended the Senior Executive Program with a scholarship this year. 

“Working as a cardiac surgeon, then chief of surgery and now chief of staff has kept me very focused on patients and servant leadership. I sought to broaden my exposure to ‘private sector’ healthcare leadership,” said Crittenden. “My mission was accomplished thanks to the Fund for Healthcare Leadership. Our training was sensational. The faculty and staff were outstanding. The topics and site visits were all very relevant and timely.”

The Fund has awarded more than 200 scholarships to give members access to executive programming, career coaching and more opportunities. On #GivingTuesday, join more than 3,000 generous individuals and organizations who have given to the Fund and share your joy of learning. Thank you again for being a part of ACHE and warm wishes for a joyful holiday season.

Plans for the 2020 Senior Executive and Executive Programs are underway. Watch your inbox and our website for more information.

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