Explore Leadership Insights at the 2021 Congress, Part 1

There are many lessons healthcare professionals can take away from 2020, one being that leader-to-leader communication and collaboration can help individuals and organizations thrive, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

At the 2021 Congress on Healthcare Leadership, March 22–25, attendees will have the opportunity to attend virtual sessions—like the Leadership Insights sessions listed below—full of tips and strategies on how to succeed from healthcare leaders and innovators.

Each session listed below qualifies for 1 ACHE Face-to-Face Education credit.*

The Future of Healthcare Strategy

Presented by Johnese Spisso, RN, MPA; Christopher Van Gorder, FACHE; Aurelio M. Fernandez, III, FACHE; and Paul H. Keckley, PhD

From expanding virtual care delivery models to tackling workforce challenges, healthcare executives face an evolving and unprecedented health landscape in 2021 and beyond. In this session, attendees will hear from top leaders in the field as they shares insights on how to prepare for the next phase of healthcare strategy.

The Next Phase of Digital Health

Presented by Bruce Brandes; Thomas X. Lee, MD; Roberta Levy Schwartz, PhD, FACHE; and Joseph Williams

The pandemic has only accelerated what was already a fast-moving train toward digitizing healthcare. Whether driven by the increasing need for telehealth services, the rapidly growing health information technology field or advances in personalized medicine, the intersection of healthcare and digital technology is here to stay. During this thought-provoking discussion, attendees will learn more about how hospitals and health systems are collaborating with solutions providers to navigate the rapidly evolving digital health landscape.

The Healthcare Workforce of the Future

Presented by Ghazala Sharieff, MD, FACHE; David L. Schreiner, FACHE; Kevin B. Mahoney, DBA; and Kadesha Thomas Smith

From front-line providers to C-suite executives, the healthcare workforce has been challenged immensely over the past year. Hospital and health system leaders are facing growing provider shortages along with a workforce that is at a highly increased risk of burnout and mental health challenges. At the same time, some systems have implemented a variety of innovative staffing approaches to leverage current skills and provide much-needed support to promote the health and safety of their employees. Session attendees can expect to learn more about how top healthcare executives are navigating current challenges in this space and hear their predictions for the biggest changes in the workforce in the future.

Leading Through a Lens of Health Equity

Presented by Ronald L. Copeland, MD; Nick Macchione, FACHE; Susan Dentzer; and Airica Steed, EdD, RN, FACHE

Everyone deserves access to high-quality healthcare, but systemic inequities in access and care delivery have only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare leaders play a unique and critical role in the fight to reduce these inequities, and it is an ethical and business imperative that healthcare leaders reflect the populations they serve. During this important conversation, leaders will discuss how to move the needle toward health equity in hospitals and health systems by addressing workforce gaps and prioritizing quality and safety among vulnerable populations.

Strengthening Financial Health to Weather Any Storm

Presented by Marna P. Borgstrom, FACHE; Jim Hinton; and Paul H. Keckley, PhD

After a challenging year for hospitals and health systems, it has become abundantly clear that having concrete strategies and a comprehensive financial plan in place is critical for organizations to stay afloat. In this session, CEOs of some of the top systems in the country will discuss how to move from the reactive but necessary stage of financial recovery and transition to long-term, proactive financial health.

What’s Next in Value-Based Care

Presented by Susan D. DeVore; Jaewon Ryu, MD, JD; and Merrill Goozner

Despite the disruption of COVID-19, the movement away from fee-for-service and toward value-based care revenue streams remains strong. Leading experts in the field will discuss what’s next in the value-based care space and provide recommendations for healthcare leaders on how to stay ahead of the curve during this innovative session.

Addressing Mental Health Needs in a Digital Age

Presented by Wayne Young, FACHE; Megan Jones Bell, PsyD; and Kadesha Thomas Smith

The importance of support, connection and quality mental healthcare is critical now more than ever. Individuals across the country are struggling with increasing isolation, and healthcare providers are at a significant risk for burnout, high levels of stress and trauma from the effects of the pandemic. The need for evidence-based mental health care remains strong. Session attendees can learn more about how healthcare and solutions providers are meeting a need that will last far beyond the end of social distancing through the innovative use of digital health tools.

Congress on Healthcare Leadership is the premier educational and networking event for healthcare executives. After an extraordinary year, we as leaders have an opportunity to come together and reimagine healthcare. Attendees will be able to connect with colleagues, discover new insights from innovative thought leaders and access resources that will empower you to lead in the field. Visit for more information.

*Attendees must participate during the scheduled time to earn ACHE Face-to-Face Education credit.

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