Explore Leadership Insights at the 2021 Congress, Part 2

One of the many important lessons for healthcare leaders to take away from 2020 is that leader-to-leader communication and collaboration can help individuals and organizations thrive, even in the most challenging of circumstances. At the 2021 Congress on Healthcare Leadership, March 22–25, attendees will have the opportunity to attend virtual sessions—like the Leadership Insights sessions listed below—to gain tips and strategies on how to succeed from healthcare leaders and innovators.

Each session marked with an asterisk (*) below qualifies for 1 ACHE Face-to-Face Education credit. Attendees must participate during the scheduled time to earn ACHE Face-to-Face Education credit.

Strategies for Combating Health Disparities*

Presented by Bruce Siegel, MD; Eugene Woods, FACHE; Mary Boosalis; and Harold Paz, MD

Health systems have begun to recognize racism as a public health crisis, yet few know how to plan and execute initiatives that will measurably and sustainably impacts equity and health outcomes. This interactive session will feature leaders from major provider systems working to eliminate systemic inequities in their organizations and across the communities they serve.

Leveraging Real-World Data and Results in a Regulatory Environment

Presented by Amy P. Abernethy, MD, PhD, and Merrill Goozner

From the acceleration of virtual medicine to the continued push toward value-based care, the past year has brought significant changes to healthcare. Hospitals and health systems are now faced with new opportunities, given an exponential growth in the volume of data collected, and the challenge of harnessing that data to understand the effectiveness of new care delivery approaches. Join these leaders to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the use of big data in healthcare and to learn what’s next in the areas of technology and data modernization in a regulated environment.

Co-opting Change – Impactful Strategies for Fostering Trust and Equity

Presented by Lloyd H. Dean and Joseph Williams

Despite increased efforts to address inequities throughout the healthcare environment, disparities in health access, quality and outcomes remain significant for minority groups. Join Lloyd Dean, CEO, CommonSpirit, as he discusses his experience guiding both large-scale and personal efforts to improve health equity. Dean will provide insight into the pivotal role healthcare leaders play in this effort, and the importance of intentionality when initiating change and, ultimately, leading the path toward a just and equal health system for all.

Leading During Times of Crisis*

Presented by Sam Hazen and Heather J. Rohan, RN, FACHE

What does it mean to truly lead during a large-scale crisis? How can leaders do the difficult work of pushing organizations and staff forward while providing support and space for individuals to take care of themselves, their teams and their loved ones? This session will focus on the core elements of crisis leadership. Attendees will learn how leaders can balance agility and perseverance with the need to model self-care, and support the long-term resilience and health of the systems, providers and patients they serve.

Addressing the Unique Quality/Safety Challenge in Post-Acute Care*

Presented by David Gifford, MD; JoAnne Reifsnyder, PhD, RN; John A. Capasso; and Joseph Williams

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges in the post-acute care space. Join this panel discussion to learn directly from leaders in the post-acute continuum of care on how they have navigated these significant disruptions while prioritizing healthcare quality and patient safety.

Scaling for Excellence – A Case Study on Growth in a Global Setting

Presented by Tomislav Mihaljevic, MD

More and more U.S. health systems are expanding into the global market, and this trend is only expected to grow over the next five years. As healthcare leaders spearhead these efforts, it is critical to ensure this growth does not compromise quality and care delivery. Join Tomislav Mihaljevic, MD, president/CEO, Cleveland Clinic, as he discusses strategies for expanding growth while maintaining clinical excellence. He will also discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare executives undertaking these efforts in their hospitals and health systems.

Maintaining Essential Patient Care During a Pandemic – Perspectives from Children’s Hospitals*

Presented by Luanne Thomas Ewald, FACHE; Mark Sevco; and Kadesha Thomas Smith

Despite challenges and significant fluctuations in care utilization during the last year, children’s hospitals have been some of the most successful organizations in maintaining essential patient care. Join leaders from some of the top children’s hospitals as they share the lessons they learned from employing creative solutions to maintain stability in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Global Learnings from the Pandemic*

Presented by Bertrand Levrat; Risto Miettunen, MedSc; Lesley Dwyer; and Lee Chien Earn

When solutions to common problems are discovered, recognizing the value of that information and spreading it as widely as possible is essential. Sharing best practices and lessons can help others drive change, reduce variations in care and improve the lives of patients. In this session hosted by the International Hospital Federation, healthcare leaders from across the world will share their experiences and insights of leading through the COVID-19 crisis.

Congress on Healthcare Leadership is the premier educational and networking event for healthcare executives. After an extraordinary year, we as leaders have an opportunity to come together and reimagine healthcare. Attendees will be able to connect with colleagues, discover new insights from innovative thought leaders and access resources that will empower you to lead in the field. Visit for more information.

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